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Heleane Stabenau, Chairperson

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There are over 100 cemeteries in the county. They have not all been located. Some of these are ranch or "ranchito" cemeteries. That is, cemeteries that were used for the burials of the ranch owners, their workers, and the worker's families. The following is a list of the cemeteries that have been located. Many of these cemeteries have been inventoried on paper, and some have been put online. Eventually all the cemeteries of the county will be inventoried and put online. This enormous task is being directed by Santos Canales, chairperson of the cemetery project.The online transfer is the ongoing project of the social studies teachers of Berta Cabaza Middle School under the direction of Sandra Tumberlinson, internet teacher.


Alejandro Garza Memorial (Leal's - in San Pedro)

Anacuitas (Monte Grande)

Ashland Cemetery (previously Loma Linda Cemetery)


Bruley Plantation

Buena Vista

Cavazeno ( I marker) -may be Erasmo Becerra marker

Cavazos (Santa Maria)

Champion (Santa Maria)


David Escamilla Cemetery @ El Calaboz

El Alzadon

El Calaboz

El Carmen (in San Pedro) Cabrera

El Mesquite -FM 511 & Port Rd.

El Muerto

El Naranjo-Manuel Salazar

El Pie (Ballenger Farms)

Escamilla I @ El Naranjo Community

Escamilla II

Esparza Cemetery @ El Calaboz

Esparza Cemetery@ El Ranchito

Frank Ferree (Border Angel)

Fresnos Resaca

Garcia (Moises)

Gomez (Carricitos)

Granjeno (Laguna Atascosa)

Harlingen City - F Street

Hebrew Benevolent Society


Indiana and Southmost (Rabb Plantation)

Iwo Jima at MMA, Harlingen

Jack Carpenter Mem.(Rio Hondo)

Juan Ramiro Garcia (backyard)

La Capilla

La Feria

La Leona

La Muralla - still searching for exact location

La Palma @ Tejon Rd.

La Paloma

La Tina I

La Tina II

Las Crucitas (Gutierrez) - still searching for exact location

Las Rusias I (Elizondo)

Las Rusias II - still searching for exact location

Las Yescas

Lerma Ranch Cemetery


Lonqoria Family Cemetery (Blue Town)

Los Alamos Cemetery @ Galveston Ranch (Longoria family)

Los Coyotes Cemetery - searching for exact location

Los Cuates (Los Fresnos)

Los Indios

Los Olmales (behind Ashland Cemetery)

Los Sauces

Los Soldados (Soldiers Cem)

Lucero Cemetery @ Tejon Road & Stage Coach Trail-- 31 graves under the road to be relocated in 1999

Military (Fort Brown) Cemetery - moved to National Cemetery at Alexandria, Louisiana

Mont Meta - San Benito

Moreno - behind Weaver II

Near floodway - still searching for exact location

Oklahoma Road and Levee

Old Brownsville City Cemetery

Old Garcia

Old Landrum

Old San Benito

Palm in Field (Hwy 201)


Palo Alto Battlefield - mass burials - no tombstones

Paso Real - now in Willacy Co.

Port Isabel

Raul Cavazos (in San Pedro)

Resaca de la Palma Battle site - mass burials - no tombstones

Restlawn - La Feria

Rio Hondo City

Rose Lawn - Brownsville

Russell (in San Pedro)

Sabas Cavazos (San Pedro)

San Jose (S.B., Bayview)

San Pedro @ Rancho Viejo

San Pedro aka Montemayor (in San Pedro)

San Pedro Cemetery @ Adams Farm

San Vicente I

San Vicente II


Santa Isabel

Santa Rosalia

Santo Nombre

Saturnino Garcia @ Vezzetti property

Solis - La Feria

Southmost - San Rafael


Villa Nueva

Weaver I @ Wildlife Refuge

Weaver II