La Resaca:

Oasis of the Rio Grande Valley


This web site was created by the Berta Cabaza Middle School's Science Department Staff and Students

The Rio Grande River, the fifth longest river in North America, flows from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado to Mexico; making a journey of 1,885 miles. During the course of its geologic history, the river has changed its path several times. The course changes resulted in the formation of a little-known ecosystem, referred to as a resaca.

The Spanish word resaca means dry river channel. The Rio Grande River, which runs through deep South Texas and Mexico into the Gulf of Mexico, created a series of channels during its evolution. When the Gulf of Mexico's levels rose the channels were cut off from the main river resulting in the formation of resacas, meander belts, and oxbow lakes; which are currently used for crop irrigation, recreation, and water resources for local cities.


Water Quality of the Resaca City in the Rio Grande Valley

Plants and Animals of Resaca de los Fresnos - San Benito, Texas

The History of the Rio Grande Valley's Resacas

Internet Resources - 7th grade & 8th grade

Credits - 6th grade, 7th grade, & 8th grade

In our beautiful hometown of San Benito, the Resaca de los Fresnos, runs through the heart of the city. At Berta Cabaza Middle School, the science department students and staff have researched the resaca ecosystem, its water quality, and history.

The sixth grade teams were responsible for researching the resaca's water quality; which involved testing and sampling the resaca water. Sixth grade teachers, Mrs. Beatrice Garcia and Mr. Fred Pesina assisted the students with the fieldwork and research.

The seventh grade teams researched and conducted fieldwork to identify the resaca's animals and plants. Seventh grade teachers, Mr. Randall Gritzner, Mr. Charles Turnbough and Ms. Yvette Cortez aided students with fieldwork formatted into a field guide.

The eighth grade teams researched the resaca's history. Eighth grade teachers Mr. Frank Banda, Mrs. Marie Garcia, and Ms. Patricia R. Garcia were instrumental in assisting students with a compilation of geological and agricultural history.














Please note : This is not an offical website of the Rio Grande Valley's resacas; information compiled was based on student research; this site is not affiliated with The Rio Grande Alliance or local historical societies.

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