Folklore of the Rio Grande Valley

of Texas

San Benito C.I.S.D. * San Benito, Texas

Folklore or "folk-learning" is knowledge which is passed down or transmitted from one generation to another by word of mouth. The Rio Grande Valley has a wealth of culture and traditions to offer the world. Our area is rich with stories, music, legends and songs.

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Legends and Stories

Folk tales

Music "Tejano"




by: Berta Cabaza Middle School Reading Department

Albie M. Lopez, Aurora Pena, Marissa Gonzales, Cathy Cervantes, Roberta Garrow, Sylvia T. Carmona, Nina Martinez, Diana Banda and Celina Rodriguez with a contribution by Donna Dodson, special education dept.

Please Note: This is not an official site for folklore of the Rio Grande Valley. We are not affiliated with any historical society. This is a brief introduction of information gathered to pay tribute to the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.