The San Benitio Post office is located at the corner of North Sam Houston and Heywood Streets at 417 North Sam Houston. The site was originally a city park set aside by San Robertson and Alba Heywood. Bruce Gentry surveyed the property and Bill Hervey set stakes for the property.

Building of the current post office began in 1931 and the official dedication was held April 15, 1933. It was originally slated to be ready by November 1, 1932. James A. Wetmore was the Acting Supervising Architect. A. W. Mellon was Secretary of the Treasury. Meriwether and Sauers were the contractors on the building.

Front of Post Office

Floyd Worth was postmaster and C. L. Milner was assistant postmaster at the time of the building and dedication. The constructing engineer divided his time between the building of the San Benitio and the Harlingen post offices.

The architectural design of the building is Greek Revival. This is similar to plantation structures in the south.

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