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Quinceanera--celebration for a fifteen-year-old

abanico-- lace fan

anise--Mexican spice

anillo-- ring (usually the honoree's birthstone)


cabrito--baby goat


cojin--white satin cushion

colaciones--Mexican hard candy

conjunto--band consisting of four or five musicians

damas--female attendants to the honoree

diadema--diadem or a beautiful tiara

hojarascas--cookies coated in sugar and cinnamon

libro y rosario--missal (bible) and rosary

madrina 1--godmother

madrina 2--female sponsor of special gifts

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mantilla--lace veil

medalla--patron saint medal

mariachi--group of 10 to 12 musicians dressed in special Mexican attire

mole--main course that consists of fryers with a special sauce


padrino2--male sponsor or couple

pan de polvo--cookies coated in sugar and cinnamon

picadillo--main course that consists of potatoes and hamburger meat

pinata--paper mache party decoration filled with different types of candies

portales--a lattice-type roof

posada --reenactment of Joseph and Mary's search for lodging; inn

velacion-- religious mass arrangements